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Riot Dice

Are you a dice lover? A collector? Or are you a designer?
Well, you’re like us and this campaign is perfect for you!

Our goal is to run a new website dedicated to dice design. Dice Riot

Every 2 weeks a new design will be released. Its availability will be limited to 4 weeks only. Over that time, we will not collect order for these dice. The only way to have them will be buy them from a collector, and that collector could be you!

Yes, you read well!
Each design will be unique and not repeated, it means that each die will acquire value during time!

On Riot Dice, you could also gain money!
You will have the possibility to submit your designs. If we will accept them your dice will be scheduled and you will achieve the 10% from their income as copyright!

We decided to start manufacturing 6-sided dice only. Why?
Because 6-sided die is the die! Each human on Earth knows it, Each classical board game uses D6 as well as the most part of tabletop wargames.
D6 is mainstream. So we will start offering the best and evocative dice set to all!
(if you are the only one on earth who don’t know it please look at dice history just before the end of this page)

Why Kickstarter? And why us?

With this campaign we want to cover programming costs, no more. We have all the machinery needed and we have experience in it.
We also have design skills and great nerd ideas.

Why us? Well, let us say that will be the first website in its kind. You could be part of the project since its beginning.
Don’t forget that when we say “part of the project” it means really part of the design team!