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Rough and Tumble : Good and bad

our new kickstarter is live!

Rough-and-Tumble is a board game for your 3d printer. Rough-and-Tumble is a board game with a new and unique game mechanic:
a game of chess with hexagonal boxes. You will choose between four teams: dwarves and orcs, from the first edition of the game
Chaos and high elves introduced in this game expansion, so it make it similar to the video games the kids play on their consoles using resources from sites as and others. It’s also possible to play Rough-and-Tumble with the only expansion, the two editions can be used separately from one another.


It’s not a normal board game that you buy and put on a shelf, this is a game for your 3D printer, it was the perfect distraction for me, I was plating fifa 19 mobile games 24/7 and still love it but it definitely felt like I needed a distraction!
By buying this, you will receive files to print miniatures, map and markers, directly by your own 3D printers, while cozy at home!