Halloween Hellraisers – 2 teams for Fantasy Football
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Halloween Hellraisers – 2 teams for Fantasy Football

 About this project
During Friday 13th They rise from their tombs to march on the pitch. Halloween Hellraisers is our incredible miniature collection to be used as proxy for the famous game of fantasy football. We wanted to offer something different, there are so many teams out there, most of them fantastic, but bonded to a "classic" way to imagine the Fantasy Football. To offer something different we hired a skilled character designer, Sara Fornì. She never heard about the game. She gave us back her interpretation and we turned it in 3d. Drive these fantastic on the pitch! Drive them to victory! Use all your experience, be rude and be nasty! The deads wants you as coach!

Early Bird Reward (first 24 hours)

This miniature is dedicated to the character designer Sara Fornì, this is a cameo of her. The miniature will be added for free to all pledges arrived in the first 24 hours. From the second day, it could be added as add-on. Don't miss it. it's kickstarter exclusive!
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Riot Dice
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Riot Dice

Are you a dice lover? A collector? Or are you a designer? Well, you're like us and this campaign is perfect for you! Our goal is to run a new website dedicated to dice design. Dice Riot
Every 2 weeks a new design will be released. Its availability will be limited to 4 weeks only. Over that time, we will not collect order for these dice. The only way to have them will be buy them from a collector, and that collector could be you! Yes, you read well! Each design will be unique and not repeated, it means that each die will acquire value during time! On Riot Dice, you could also gain money! You will have the possibility to submit your designs. If we will accept them your dice will be scheduled and you will achieve the 10% from their income as copyright! We decided to start manufacturing 6-sided dice only. Why? Because 6-sided die is the die! Each human on Earth knows it, Each classical board game uses D6 as well as the most part of tabletop wargames. D6 is mainstream. So we will start offering the best and evocative dice set to all! (if you are the only one on earth who don't know it please look at dice history just before the end of this page)

Why Kickstarter? And why us?

With this campaign we want to cover riotdice.com programming costs, no more. We have all the machinery needed and we have experience in it. We also have design skills and great nerd ideas. Why us? Well, let us say that Riotdice.com will be the first website in its kind. You could be part of the project since its beginning. Don't forget that when we say "part of the project" it means really part of the design team! http://kck.st/2fgxtYt
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Christmas ogre
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Christmas ogre

Here you can find a free download of Santa Claus ogre, Merry Christmas to all! Santa Ogre   bobbogro4_0000 bobbogro3_0000 bobbogro2_0000 bobbogro0000
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We are ready!
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We are ready!

Finally after so many efforts and sacrifices we made it! Our site is ready, with the store and a lot of hope.

After the success of our kickstarter we want to believe that the future of the game and miniatures is the 3d printing.

For this during our opening we have added some new sculptures, which we hope are to your liking:

Diorama Sets

We started with an initial idea of making small objects and scenery, which you can print and reprint every volt ache will serve.

In order to customize your miniatures, dioramas and battle sideburns, or even entire battlefields.

We started with 3 skulls, which are always useful to be added on a support or on land. They can also be used as markers.

We also find three trees that we can add in our battlefields once painted, and added the leaves.

3 gravestones, to create the darkest environments.

teschi dtrees tombe


Another important point for us is the fantasy.

We are born with the fantasy and we will never!

We have sculptured for you a beautiful dark elf!

And a dragon! because if you are lovers of fantasy you can not not have a dragon! (Although in reality it is a small Wyvern)

elf drago drake2


We also create an area dedicated to the historic. A little more difficult for us, but we also want to test ourselves in this. As a first test we made the bust of a noble Assyrian. But do not worry we are going to add a lot to our department!


Fan Art

One more thing!

We like sculpting often characters in games or movies that are passionate, for obvious reasons we can not sell them, but we can give you this for free!

In fact, they deal with fan art without any profit.

We can already find on the site:

league of legend Diana.

The big daddy and little sister bioshock

Games that we love!

dianona sorellina bigdaddy


And finally, our little mascot! A small cartoon wizard, born a little for a while playing a joke.


always thanking you for your support! Crossed lances study.

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