Steam Pet Frontiers LIVE!

Good morning!

our first frontiers campaign has finally started!


Where you will find our cute animal busts in steampunk garb.

But not only in our tribes and patreons you will also find the parrot, cat and dog in 28mm version.

Come and find out more!



Steam Pet sculptures have a long history.

We started sculpting them many years ago to participate in local competitions.

And they have not failed to get noticed, taking home some important trophies such as the Grog at Lucca comics and game.

But now the time has come to make these sculptures available to everyone!

The series is inspired by our beloved pets that accompany us every day and brighten our days, but with the addition of a fantastic steampunk-themed note that could amuse any painter.

Who is your pet at home? We have a beautiful black and white kitty!

The first four sculptures we carved represent some of the animals we most often find in our homes: a fish, a cat, a dog and a parrot.

but let’s get to know our little friends one by one!

Each part is available in STL version, ready for your 3d printer.

Each sculpture is also available in Chitubox version.

George is a communications officer in Liberty city’s secret service. With his equipment, he can intercept every single piece of information!

And if he should happen to be a hostage of some bad guy, rest assured George will be…. mute as a fish!

Edward Van Pivullen is an aristocratic cat.

They say he comes from the north and has moved here for studies, but one thing is certain: his family is very wealthy.

At first glance, he may seem a bit haughty and sometimes touchy and spiteful, but in the end he is the best friend there is.

Carlo is the ace of the skies of Italian aviation!

Seeing him fly in his biplane is truly enchanting.

With his acrobatics he has made his mark in combat and his fame now spans the continents.

But he is as graceful and graceful in the skies as he is… er… dumb when he hits the ground.

Ethan is the town doctor.

With his bowler hat he goes around town happily.

Everyone in the village loves him, because he treats patients and is always a good talker.

A little curiosity: he can repeat any medical book exactly by memory!

In this campaign you can choose from three different levels of tiers:

you can choose a single sculpture, or the whole group including possible milestone.

And finally, you can also buy the rights to print and resell these sculptures!



$182 left



$382 left



$582 left



$782 left


By buying the rights of these files you will be

Allowed to:

  • print the 3D miniatures
  • print them for friends
  • Print in 3D and resell the printed miniature in 3D
  • -use render-prints and other derivatives of the file for promotional purposes.
  • -modify the file according to needs and educational purposes
  • Modified derivative files may be sold printed in 3D
  • -use the models inside videogames, indicating their origin -use templates for videos and creative projects

Not allowed:

  • Use the files to create molds for mass production
  • sell the files for profit
  • distribute the file to third parties
  • -sell the sculptures to shopkeepers and retailers
  • -grant intellectual rights to third parties
  • -Authorize third parties to sell the sculptures, in any form whatsoever
  • -indicate crosslances studio as assistance for sculptures sold to clients.
  • -use the sculptures for profit in any form not specified in the contract
  • -sell any intellectual property of crosslances and colalboratories without having signed this contract

any item not specified in the contract shall be deemed unauthorised unless expressly permitted by crosslances, in which case please contact us prior to purchase.

It is asked in addition to cite study crosslances where possible.

For all the remaining details we stick to the common creative.

At the end of the kickstarter you will receive a signed return contract which will summarize these conditions.

These rights are valid forever.

Besides it has been decided to impose a minimum price of 3€ for single miniature printed and resold in 3D.

                       2€ if it is part off a team/set or bundle.

Crosslances studios is founded by 3 artists and their commons passion for the world of games. Students at the Comics courses in Florence, made by the greebo games sculptures, they approached the world of miniatures. It has actually become a revelant studio in the world of miniatures and digital miniatures prototyping. Our products can be found in many places, we had collaborations with: Mirliton, Labmasu, Megalith Godslayer, Hidden Dreams, Minuteman miniatures, Fireforge , and many others.

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