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In February 2016 we started our adventure as 3D sculptors. At that time selling prototypes of 3D miniatures was like madness.

We bet on it and today we can say that we won.

Now, at a distance of 5 years, we want to return to the project which saw us born, ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE, our little board game. Today it reaches the third expansion.

But this time we wanted to do much more! Come and discover everything we have created for you!
Using some of the sculptures from the project, we made 5 teams!

Visit our store cgtrader, where you can find many items, and collections of our fantastic sculptures.
Cg trader is our "historical" shop that we rely on for years.

Our last project: "Pincess got Angry" saw the birth of many cute little sculptures and two fantasy football teams, but many other pieces deserved to be deepened and turned into whole teams.

Using some of the sculptures from the project, we made 5 teams!

Info about our patreon:
Two releases will be released each month: the first towards the beginning of the month and the second towards the middle.
Each contains 3 original miniatures.
The lowest 1 euro tier allows access only to the first realease of the current month.
The other tiers allow you to have access to the entire catalog in the manner provided.

My mini factory is our new store on which we are increasingly asserting, where you can find many of our sculptures with all the support and guarantees of a platform now well established in this sector.

Your Christmas tree printed in 3d!

And yes as always we have a little "nerd" connotation that also emerges in this series.

If you are a passionate reader, or if you simply think it could be the ideal gift for some of your friends, then you can miss this project!

A new adventure awaits the crosslances world: let's go back to a project that we already faced years ago: a Fantasy football team, but with a completely new look!
Very angry leprechauns! Inspired by the funny Saint Patrick's day, but not only, come and find out more inside

Exactly today we offer you fantastic new futuristic scenics designed for the most varied wargame and skirmish games set in the future (but not only).

Ideal for games like: star wars legion , infinity , warhammer 40k , warmachine and many many more!

An adventure in the world of the undead, an entire gothic style cemetery awaits you for your adventures, ideal for horror, fantasy and historical campaigns, and for the scenarios of your wargames. All enriched with zombies, skeletons and other monsters.

Board games are becoming more common and present in the Ludic life of many of us.
Together with them, great attention has been paid to the components of these games: from tokens to cards to graphics and MINIATURES. and it is precisely on those that we focus on this project, giving you the opportunity to have unique miniatures to improve your ludic experience, from your games of adventures up to those of Zombie.

Rough-and-Tumble is a board game for your 3d printer. Rough-and-Tumble is a board game with a new and unique game mechanic: a game of chess with hexagonal boxes. You will choose between six teams

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The crosslances studio are a solid reality created by the founder Filippo Giovannini.

Now pioneers in the world of 3D sculpture dedicated to play and modeling.

We can boast some acknowledgments to our awards such as the “Grog” from lucca comics, or a gold medal in the open section of “monte san savino show” .

Students at the Comics courses in Florence, made by the greebo games sculptures, we have approached the world of miniatures. We have actually became a revelant studio in the world of miniatures and digital miniatures prototyping. Our products can be found in many places, we had collaborations with: Labmasu, Megalith Godslayer, Hidden Dreams, Minuteman miniatures, Fireforge , EC3D , Animatter games and many


come and discover our incredible crowfounding campaign where you can find fantastic sculptures!


Come and discover our exclusive 3d miniatures that are released every month!


Come and discover our exclusive 3d miniatures that are released every month!


Some Of


Custom Sculpture

We realize 3D sculptures on commission, of any type.
Contact us for a free quote

Sale of stl files

Our studio offers a very large collection of 3D sculptures that you can find ready in our store


crosslances offers a careful and precise support service.
Always available to help you solve any problem with our sculptures.

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Welcome to our new adventure! http://kck.st/36q9UT1 This time the crosslances studio will take you insideRead More

here is finally our live project! http://kck.st/2MYuArY An entire cemetery! ready to be played inRead More

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