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Useful things

With hera’stone we have established a great relationship of cooperation and support.

That is why I am here today to inform you about his new project.

It is something extremely original, come and see it!

Hi! I’m Hera’stone and I measured a toilet paper roll. 

Yes, I did it. And after that the toilet paper’s value grew a lot for me.

We often don’t notice the importance of an object until we don’t have it anymore. Especially of an obvious article.

Panic: feeling that comes at the end of every roll. Confidence on the edge of collapse.

“How can I do now?” we ask ourselves while, with a scared expression, we look for something similar that would work as a substitute.

So having by our side the one which takes the worst of us in our every sitting is a privilege. A toilet roll holder can help in it.

So I’m going to introduce you Useful things, a collection of special toilet roll holders that will make your bathroom unique.

Have I made you curious?

Well, let’s see them in detail:

A book never written, but mentioned as if it really existed.

The entrance of the famous chamber is in the girls’ toilet. The basilisk waits in his lair. He’s ready to kill.

My heavy heart, drowned in blood, is a delicious meal for the sea monster….

Being devoured or fighting with our own sword?

Never stop fighting…

Terror or pity, that is the question.

Respice post te. Hominem te memento” 

Don’t be arrogant. Look behind you. Remember that you are a man. Remember that you have to die.

Tubes and gears…

An extra decoration can drastically change the view of an object.

It takes very little to make us like or dislike the same object.

Are you curious about what can be behind a door?

Or in a special police box?

Maybe someone like him?

Or something like it?

Notes for assembly: this cover is divided into two parts: base cover and decoration. This last one has to be glued on the base cover.

In this last case…roll for initiative.

A door can be the entrance of a new world, of a new adventure.

Notes for assembly: this cover is also divided into base cover and decoration. This last one also has to be glued on the base cover.

So let’s go into a new adventure together!

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