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The Scenic Calendar

A perpetual calendar to beautify your bookshelf and desk. For 3D printing.


Our studio now warrants solid experience, ranging from the world of collectible miniatures, to resin 3d printing, to filament 3d printing, to the creation of decorative home-themed objects.

And this new project is from the latter category!

After the successes of our “the Scenic Library” campaigns with our book ends, today we bring you another item to grace your desks and bookshelves: A perpetual calendar!

PLEASE NOTE – This Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer – these are not physical goods **

The project involves making 3d models that go to create a perpetual calendar.

The structure consists of six parts: a body with a cylinder, on which the 4 rotaries will be threaded that will indicate, month, number and day.

Finally, a lid for closure.

All elements are created to be printed without the aid of supports.

But not only that, we made the models in two scales, the first to please owners of more modestly sized resin printers, in fact the models have a diameter of about 73mm.

The second version, on the other hand, allows you to create a larger object, ideal for wire printers or resin printers of more generous sizes, with a diameter of about 100mm.

Thanks to its rotating rings that indicate days and months, it is possible to keep an up-to-date universal calendar.

Available with engraved or embossed numbers and letters, depending on one’s liking and ease of printing.

Let’s go now to discover the models of this campaign, there are for all tastes, from lovers of fantasy, to those of sci-fi without neglecting lovers of the steampunk world!

During the campaign, as is our custom, we will collect all your suggestions for the creation of new sculptures to be implemented in the kickstarter.

Your support and your interaction with the campaign will be our stimulus in creating stretch goals, so do not forget to share the project with your friends and on your social networks.

rotating for languages: English with alternative font, Italian, Spanish,German and French.
(The flower is just rappressentative for the rendering, the vase is empty.)
alternative without language, supports required
Resin Test
PLA test

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