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School of Magic

A magical 3D scenery with its accessories and characters printable in STL

Hi everyone!Here is School of Magic, hera’stone’s new project on kickstarter. A magical 3D scenery with its accessories and characters printable in STL


On an ordinary end of summer day an eleven years old boy recuperates some letters.
He notices that one of them is addressed to him.
Because of it he is pervaded by a mixture of amazement and happiness.
The words on that piece of paper will change his miserable life. A new world is named, in which magic rules everything.
Both children and adults are waiting for that same moment.
The dream of going to study in a school of magic can be compensated by School of Magic, a 3D scenario complete with accessories and characters.
Have I made you curious?
Well, let’s see all the articles in detail:

It is composed of two floors:

 It can transform itself into different rooms because of the disposition of the elements. It can become a classroom or a big canteen for example.

Dormitories are usually on the upper floors.

An open air passage.

A castle can’t exist without a tower.

Two is better than one.

As the main structure it can become a classroom or a library for example. It depends on the disposition of the elements inside it.

Accessories are a must! A lot of them will be in the campaign soon.

A school can’t be a school without teachers and students. So let’s meet them.

The best ones that a student can have:

A wizard with a strong personality. He is also a valiant warrior.

She is strict, but at the same time she is affectionate to her students.

He has class…and he loves to tell jokes.

Grumpy and mysterious, a dark aura around him.

From the most nerdy to the most lazy:

He likes to get into trouble.

He loves to fly.

…just wise…

During the kickstarter I’ll collect your requests for the creation of new dice towers to be implemented in the campaign.
Your support and your interaction with this kickstarter will be my stimulus in creating stretch goals, so don’t forget to share the project with your friends and on your social networks.
All stretch goals are FREE!!!

A lot of extra wizards as first add on.

And some dragons as second add on.
The wizards’ enemies.

An add on ( with and without rights) about my Argh! Give me a Beer! campaign is included in this kickstarter. Click on the following image to find more about it.

New to Kickstarter? Never used Kickstarter before? No problem! The number of people pledging to tabletop games projects is growing all the time making the projects bigger day by day. I’m glad to have you on board!
Becoming a backer is very simple. Just follow these steps:
Step 1: Look through the banners at the top right corner of this page and click on the reward level you’d like to receive. You will also be able to insert some add-ons to your rewards.
Step 2: Select which country you live in, then click ‘Continue’.
Step 3: Finish filling out your information on the following page.
Step 4: Click ‘Pledge’ and you’re done!

-If you already own a 3D printer, it’s cheap and also funny, you will print unique and incredible quality models.
-If you don’t own a 3D printer, it can be an opportunity to buy one! Costs for a printer are already low and accessible to anyone. You can still use a service like: 3D hub, shapeways, or any other that the net are crowding.
-No shipping cost! Anywhere in the universe, you just download the files and print! -You can print it as many times as you want, for you and your friends.
-You can decide any printing dimension, from miniatures to titan sculptures!
PLEASE NOTE – This Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer – these are not physical goods **
**Not all the articles are supported **

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