The game stipulates that the one who crosses the finish line first wins.

The first feature of the game is that you can draw your track!

When you were kids, how many times did you play with toy cars or with toy bricks and draw the tracks on which you could let your imagination run? We did it a lot of times!

And that’s where the game came from, from the idea of recreating those tracks, but playing them as a game with well organized rules.

You can find the rules on our website, ready to download!

Every car plays its turn and it can execute some actions: select the gear that will designate the maneuvers to execute, select the silhouette of a maneuver, place it on the board in front of the “pins” and determine the movement of the car, and finally fight and use the special abilities that every character possesses.

And off to victory!


You can find the rules in any 3d article Of Tussle for Victory

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