By buying our files you will be allowed to:

  • print the 3D miniatures
  • – print them for friends
  • – Print in 3D and resell the printed miniature in 3D
  • -use render
  • -prints and other derivatives of the file for promotional purposes.
  • -modify the file according to needs and educational purposes
  • – Modified derivative files may be sold printed in 3D
  • -use the models inside videogames, indicating their origin
  • -use templates for videos and creative projects
    Not allowed:
  • Use the files to create molds for mass production
  • – sell the files for profit
  • – distribute the file to third parties
  • -sell the sculptures to shopkeepers and retailers
  • -grant intellectual rights to third parties
  • -sell more than 3 identical copies to the same customer
  • -Authorize third parties to sell the sculptures, in any form whatsoever
  • -indicate crosslances studio as assistance for sculptures sold to clients.
  • -use the sculptures for profit in any form not specified in the contract
  • -sell any intellectual property of crosslances and colalboratories without having signed this contract
    any item not specified in the contract shall be deemed unauthorised unless expressly permitted by crosslances, in which case please contact us prior to purchase.

It is asked in addition to cite study crosslances where possible.
For all the remaining details we stick to the common creative.