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Steam Marine

An exciting new kickstarter project from our contributor Hera’stone.

This time a set of modular steampunk soldiers compatible with some popular wargames!

But come find out more by clicking l link!


┬źDon’t let the fear of death conquer your courage┬╗.

Men or aliens? Human or machines?

They are ready to sacrifice their own lives.

They are the Steam Marines.

Warriors who come from a hard training.

They are characterized by a majestic and frightening appearanceShoulder strapshelmetsbig packs, and weapons are some components of their armory.

Let’s see them in details:

But first of all there are two important reports for you:

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Premiseheadsshoulder straps and packs are compatible with the most popular wargames.

More than 50 different heads
Arms available for both left and right poses
Legs available for both left and right poses
Weapons available for both right and left hands
The side-by-side packs are a front and back of the same pack

During the kickstarter I’ll collect your requests for the creation of new pieces about Steam Marines to be implemented in the campaign.

Your support and your interaction with this kickstarter will be my stimulus in creating stretch goals, so don’t forget to share the project with your friends and on your social networks.

All stretch goals are FREE!!!

The first two monowheels that you can see in the image are the same monowheel, but one of them is the left version and the other one is the right version. The third monowheel is totally different from the other ones.
A motorcycle, a tricycle and a quod