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The Scenic Library 3D

Finally, our new project has been launched.
The third episode of “The Scenic Library” booknooks to be 3d printed. They will make your library unique.
Lots of designs to discover!

On the basis of the success of previous campaigns about booknooks, Crosslances studio finally returns with a new proposal on the subject.
A deeper study of both the booknooks structure and the filament printing has resulted a better quality product.

PLEASE NOTE – This Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer – these are not physical goods **

Our new design has the classic front and back frame structure and four side bars available in various lengths to fit your bookshelf.

This time we have created slightly slanted hooks to secure the structure better.

But not only that: we have added the possibility of printing a wrapper so that you can close your booknooks.

We have learned through experience to create sculptures which don’t need supports, and we have significantly improved the quality of our sculptures.

Now we introduce all our models, divided by theme and commitment.

Booknooks MODELS

Before we begin, two important reports for you:

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Example of sculptures included in the neswletter

And here are the exciting new models in this series!

The images show 3D renderings which reproduce the final effect of all the booknooks.

There are also schematics which show the parts of the booknook that need to be printed.

The generic pieces of the structure are red. These pieces are the same for all the booknooks.
The pieces to make that specific booknook are white. 

The cave of an evil witch in which she makes her dangerous potions!
Throw down your long blond braid!
Among the streets in an ancient medieval village.
The enchanted haven in the woods of some sylvan elves.
A library in the library? Why not.
We are all crazy here. I’m crazy. You are crazy.
The nightmare of many people.
The passage of heroes when they return from battles.
Spirits and ghosts will haunt your horror stories.
Pronounce the magic words
Where the bad dice end up!
Watch where you put your hands!
Steam and gears!
One more beer, innkeeper!
I will show you the way!
The dark lord sees everything!
The magic of the 5 elements.
Our stone effigies will be eternal.
Eight booknooks dedicated to the bravest of adventurers.
Do you want an apple?
Holy cow!!!
View of the interior stairway.
A new team included in the fantasy football package!