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120mm statue 3d printable STL, representing Mother Nature abused by pollution. Message of what is unfortunately happening to our world.

Pollution is a hot topic these days.

There are lots of discussions about our suffering planet because of our behavior and the possible future consequences.

An important problem for us and for the next generations.

As Crosslances we can’t give you scientific answers.

As a digital art studio we can recycle, we can use filaments and resins designated as eco-friendly – biodegradable, we can avoid waste and have the least polluting car which our pockets can afford.

But what can we actively do as artists? We thought about it a lot because this problem is very close to our hearts, but we can’t do much as opposed to other areas that can actively act in this direction. 

The only thing we can/should do is to send a message, raise awareness and convey the message in our art.

So we decided to sculpt this dystopian mother nature, suffocated by waste.

We hope that it will arrive in the hands of many painters and printers and that these last ones will be able to spread the message and raise awareness among those who can do much more than us.