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Tussle for Victory

We are finally ready!

Our new 3D printer game is ready!

A fighting and racing game with many exclusive characters!

Come and discover it on kickstarter!

you can find the free rules on our website:

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Welcome to an amazing new Crosslances branded competition!

Today we are here to introduce you our second 3D printing game.

After the success of Rough and Tumble, this time we want to change the game type, moving to what we can call a skirmish competition.

A no-holds-barred competition in which whoever crosses the finish line first wins, but that doesn’t exclude some surprises: fights, brawls and fouls are around the corner.

Are you ready to enter into the fray?

The game stipulates that the one who crosses the finish line first wins.

The first feature of the game is that you can draw your track!

When you were kids, how many times did you play with toy cars or with toy bricks and draw the tracks on which you could let your imagination run? We did it a lot of times!

And that’s where the game came from, from the idea of recreating those tracks, but playing them as a game with well organized rules.

You can find the rules on our website, ready to download!

Every car plays its turn and it can execute some actions: select the gear that will designate the maneuvers to execute, select the silhouette of a maneuver, place it on the board in front of the “pins” and determine the movement of the car, and finally fight and use the special abilities that every character possesses.

And off to victory!

Miniatura del video del progetto

The rules of the game are available in Italian and English, including all the cards.

In addition, we used an AI to make both cards and rules for the languages French, Spanish and German.

All RULES can be DOWNLOADED FREE from our website at:

PLEASE NOTE – This Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer – these are not physical goods **

All models have been presupported (where necessary)

Several printing tests have been carried out to get the Best result possible, and we hope that you will also get an optimal result with your printers.

Cross lances is committed, as always, to solving any problem you can encounter in printing, fixing the files and creating together with you an ever-improving product.

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