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Magic organizersMa


A collection of 3D boxes composed of internal compartments that hold the various elements for your board games.


A disordered desk is equivalent to a disordered mind.”

I’m not someone who normally generalizes, but I share the notion that organization and order are very important.

“Precise” I am called by those who know me. I have always considered that definition a compliment.

This quality has caused the idea of particular boxes come to my mind.

Magic organizers is the campaign planned to help especially the fans of board games in organizing the elements (cards, dice, miniatures) of various games.

How? Through thematic division and the fact that every box is composed of specific modular compartments.

Have I made you curious?

Let’s see them in detail.


Steam and gears.
Roll for initiative.
The magic of the 5 elements.
The box of your nightmares.
Never stop fighting!
Heigh – Ho, Heigh – Ho…
Fighting and fighting…
Pay attention to your hands!
Let beauty come out of ancient.
Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free.
The end of the bad dice.
A technological world.
The dark Lord sees everything.
Respice post te. Hominem te memento.
Cards, cards and cards.
Touch down!
The nightmares coninue…
The chocolate is not important, stickers are…maybe.


The main structure of the organizer has a size of around 15×15 cm with a height of 10 cm. The measurements can vary by a few mm. It depends on the design.
The side and top panels are modular, so you can mix them with the structures of all the organizers. You can also print the panels in different colors for a nice color effect.
The organizer closure consists of four magnets. The size of these magnets is 5×1 mmTwo magnets have to be glued into the appropriate holes in the main structure of the organizer, and the remaining ones have to be glued into the appropriate holes of the lid. There are also two safety pins in the main structure to guarantee closure from side hits.

The organizers can have different modular holders.
The combinations can be various. Each organizer can contain from one to four holders.
The proposed holders can satisfy the majority of your necessities, but if you don’t see what you are looking for write to me in the comments and I will try to realize your requests.

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