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School of Magic

A magical 3D scenery with its accessories and characters printable in STL

Hi everyone!Here is School of Magic, hera’stone’s new project on kickstarter. A magical 3D scenery with its accessories and characters printable in STL


On an ordinary end of summer day an eleven years old boy recuperates some letters.
He notices that one of them is addressed to him.
Because of it he is pervaded by a mixture of amazement and happiness.
The words on that piece of paper will change his miserable life. A new world is named, in which magic rules everything.
Both children and adults are waiting for that same moment.
The dream of going to study in a school of magic can be compensated by School of Magic, a 3D scenario complete with accessories and characters.
Have I made you curious?
Well, let’s see all the articles in detail:

It is composed of two floors:

 It can transform itself into different rooms because of the disposition of the elements. It can become a classroom or a big canteen for example.

Dormitories are usually on the upper floors.

An open air passage.

A castle can’t exist without a tower.

Two is better than one.

As the main structure it can become a classroom or a library for example. It depends on the disposition of the elements inside it.

Accessories are a must! A lot of them will be in the campaign soon.

A school can’t be a school without teachers and students. So let’s meet them.

The best ones that a student can have:

A wizard with a strong personality. He is also a valiant warrior.

She is strict, but at the same time she is affectionate to her students.

He has class…and he loves to tell jokes.

Grumpy and mysterious, a dark aura around him.

From the most nerdy to the most lazy:

He likes to get into trouble.

He loves to fly.

…just wise…

During the kickstarter I’ll collect your requests for the creation of new dice towers to be implemented in the campaign.
Your support and your interaction with this kickstarter will be my stimulus in creating stretch goals, so don’t forget to share the project with your friends and on your social networks.
All stretch goals are FREE!!!

A lot of extra wizards as first add on.

And some dragons as second add on.
The wizards’ enemies.

An add on ( with and without rights) about my Argh! Give me a Beer! campaign is included in this kickstarter. Click on the following image to find more about it.

New to Kickstarter? Never used Kickstarter before? No problem! The number of people pledging to tabletop games projects is growing all the time making the projects bigger day by day. I’m glad to have you on board!
Becoming a backer is very simple. Just follow these steps:
Step 1: Look through the banners at the top right corner of this page and click on the reward level you’d like to receive. You will also be able to insert some add-ons to your rewards.
Step 2: Select which country you live in, then click ‘Continue’.
Step 3: Finish filling out your information on the following page.
Step 4: Click ‘Pledge’ and you’re done!

-If you already own a 3D printer, it’s cheap and also funny, you will print unique and incredible quality models.
-If you don’t own a 3D printer, it can be an opportunity to buy one! Costs for a printer are already low and accessible to anyone. You can still use a service like: 3D hub, shapeways, or any other that the net are crowding.
-No shipping cost! Anywhere in the universe, you just download the files and print! -You can print it as many times as you want, for you and your friends.
-You can decide any printing dimension, from miniatures to titan sculptures!
PLEASE NOTE – This Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer – these are not physical goods **
**Not all the articles are supported **

How to print our resin models

Crosslances is a studio that has always had an eye on the customer, and tries in every way to assist and coddle its supporters.

Therefore, we thought it would be useful to share our experience in resin prints.
This is not meant to be a guide but a sharing of our experiences, with all our mistakes, consideration and tricks that we have learned over time and that we hope will help you too.

Creation of supports

Our files are created with the help of chitubox, a free software widely used as a slicer for a large number of resin printers.
Our current reference printer is a Phrozen sonic Mini 4k,,an inexpensive printer with excellent output, accessible to all, so ideal as an example of our tests.

Based on this we created after several print tests our support set up.

Which we share here now with you: Supports

We have been able to make supports that are able to support the many details we create, and at the same time can be detached easily.

Some considerations and advice on supports:

Some resins have such physical characteristics that they require multiple supports, sometimes even where they do not seem necessary.
This is because the supports we make are very fine to be detached easily, but this results in the structure supporting the miniature sometimes wobbling as the plate moves during Printing.
These wobbles can sometimes result in print failures because some supports break, or because they suffer slide.

This is why our models often have some larger “medium” supports placed at the lowest points of the miniature, and even sometimes an excess of the supports themselves.

This, however, while making cleaning more difficult, exponentially increases the chances of printing success.

In any case, we provide the File chitubox, so you can customize your own printing experience.

Print settings

This part is particularly difficult to be able to give precise directions.
In fact, the variables are endless.

The resin and the printer used can totally change the data, from exposure times to the retract speed of the printing plate.

What we feel like reporting based on our experience on the subject is this:

-Before printing with a new resin, or printer, do a test, you can find hundreds of them on the internet.
Repeat the test by changing the time parameters until the print looks good.

-Use a tool to calculate the delay of care.
We share it with you; it has been critical for us:

-If you have found the times and want to change the layer height, it is useful to consider increasing or decreasing the times by 15% for every 10 microns more or less.

-Sometimes the print fails and we only find the supports stuck to the print plate at the end of the process.
Often it is due to the speed of departure from the base.
Here too it depends a lot on the resin used, more or less elastic, more fragile or not.

The suggestion we give is that a slow detachment speed is not always better, on the contrary.
A slow detachment can make the eff more resistant to detach from the print, making a “glue” effect, risking breaking the finest parts, such as the tips of the supports.
Sometimes a quick and decisive detach causes the print to suddenly detach from the fep without offering any resistance.

an example of our print settings.

After printing

After printing, we need to clean our miniature from resin residue and peel off the supports.
To do this we use a specially created elegoo curing station.
Inside we use an alcohol-based cleaner with which we have had very positive feedback, but isopropyl alcohol is equally suitable.

Once the piece is washed, to detach the supports we soak it in lukewarm water, this allows us to detach the supports very very easily, with just the help of our fingers, at most we help with a razor blade for the larger supports that resist.

Once the piece is cleaned, we put it back in the UV machine for 5-10 minutes and the miniature is ready!

the eye ok

The Scenic Calendar

A perpetual calendar to beautify your bookshelf and desk. For 3D printing.


Our studio now warrants solid experience, ranging from the world of collectible miniatures, to resin 3d printing, to filament 3d printing, to the creation of decorative home-themed objects.

And this new project is from the latter category!

After the successes of our “the Scenic Library” campaigns with our book ends, today we bring you another item to grace your desks and bookshelves: A perpetual calendar!

PLEASE NOTE – This Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own home 3D printer – these are not physical goods **

The project involves making 3d models that go to create a perpetual calendar.

The structure consists of six parts: a body with a cylinder, on which the 4 rotaries will be threaded that will indicate, month, number and day.

Finally, a lid for closure.

All elements are created to be printed without the aid of supports.

But not only that, we made the models in two scales, the first to please owners of more modestly sized resin printers, in fact the models have a diameter of about 73mm.

The second version, on the other hand, allows you to create a larger object, ideal for wire printers or resin printers of more generous sizes, with a diameter of about 100mm.

Thanks to its rotating rings that indicate days and months, it is possible to keep an up-to-date universal calendar.

Available with engraved or embossed numbers and letters, depending on one’s liking and ease of printing.

Let’s go now to discover the models of this campaign, there are for all tastes, from lovers of fantasy, to those of sci-fi without neglecting lovers of the steampunk world!

During the campaign, as is our custom, we will collect all your suggestions for the creation of new sculptures to be implemented in the kickstarter.

Your support and your interaction with the campaign will be our stimulus in creating stretch goals, so do not forget to share the project with your friends and on your social networks.

rotating for languages: English with alternative font, Italian, Spanish,German and French.
(The flower is just rappressentative for the rendering, the vase is empty.)
alternative without language, supports required
Resin Test
PLA test

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Useful things

With hera’stone we have established a great relationship of cooperation and support.

That is why I am here today to inform you about his new project.

It is something extremely original, come and see it!

Hi! I’m Hera’stone and I measured a toilet paper roll. 

Yes, I did it. And after that the toilet paper’s value grew a lot for me.

We often don’t notice the importance of an object until we don’t have it anymore. Especially of an obvious article.

Panic: feeling that comes at the end of every roll. Confidence on the edge of collapse.

“How can I do now?” we ask ourselves while, with a scared expression, we look for something similar that would work as a substitute.

So having by our side the one which takes the worst of us in our every sitting is a privilege. A toilet roll holder can help in it.

So I’m going to introduce you Useful things, a collection of special toilet roll holders that will make your bathroom unique.

Have I made you curious?

Well, let’s see them in detail:

A book never written, but mentioned as if it really existed.

The entrance of the famous chamber is in the girls’ toilet. The basilisk waits in his lair. He’s ready to kill.

My heavy heart, drowned in blood, is a delicious meal for the sea monster….

Being devoured or fighting with our own sword?

Never stop fighting…

Terror or pity, that is the question.

Respice post te. Hominem te memento” 

Don’t be arrogant. Look behind you. Remember that you are a man. Remember that you have to die.

Tubes and gears…

An extra decoration can drastically change the view of an object.

It takes very little to make us like or dislike the same object.

Are you curious about what can be behind a door?

Or in a special police box?

Maybe someone like him?

Or something like it?

Notes for assembly: this cover is divided into two parts: base cover and decoration. This last one has to be glued on the base cover.

In this last case…roll for initiative.

A door can be the entrance of a new world, of a new adventure.

Notes for assembly: this cover is also divided into base cover and decoration. This last one also has to be glued on the base cover.

So let’s go into a new adventure together!

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Patreon 1St release April 2023

Good morning and welcome to this month’s first release.

We continue with our cat adventurers by completing the party with a bard, a monk, and a druid.

But there are a few small novelties for this month:

Hera’stone sculptures will be free for everyone from this month on.

And secondly a new look for our renderings, what do you think of this red?

available on patreon and tribes: